What is Kratom Extract?

When it comes to Kratom, the method of processing most often used is to grind the dried leaf down into a fine, fluffy powder. So would it surprise you to know that there is another method?

Kratom extract.

More potent than powder or leaves, Kratom extract contains a higher level of active alkaloids, including mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine, meaning a little goes a long way.

So What Exactly is Kratom Extract?

Simply put, Kratom Extract is a product which contains only the active components found in Kratom. For instance, Kratom powder contains these alkaloids, but it also contains the ground up leaves; Kratom extract has everything stripped away to leave a highly concentrated version. To illustrate this further, let’s look at the three methods of producing a good Kratom extract.


So named because it is brewed in the same way as the drink, this method involves simmering Kratom leaves in boiling water until the mixture resembles tea, which is then strained and subsequently simmered until the water evaporates and a paste is formed. This paste is the Kratom extract and is a highly concentrated version of the leaves which started the process. The paste is then dried and ground into a powder extract.


Not to be confused with the tea version mentioned above, liquid extract is made by keeping leaves in water, with or without ethanol, which is then agitated and left to sit, before being separated and partially evaporated in order to obtain a concentrated extract.


Far more painstaking to make, Kratom resin involves a number of steps which make it more difficult to produce. Powder is mixed with water before having an acid added, and, once steeped, is frozen. When frozen, it is added to boiling water and more acid, and then reduced. Once strained, evaporation takes place, and simmered once more with water and acid. The final step is to ‘bake’ the mixture in an oven to thicken the liquid into a semi solid resin which is packed with high concentrations of alkaloids.


For those who want their Kratom to be even more potent, an enhanced extract is possible, which involves soaking leaves in one of the extracted liquids, before drying and grinding the leaves into a super strong, fine powder.

If you feel as if the time is right to try an extract, like every other facet of Kratom it is best to experiment and see which method suits you, but remember – both extracts and enhanced extracts are much more potent than straight powders, so burn as small an amount as possible and work your way up.